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  • How to clean Pouffie products?
    For products with removable cover For Furniture products : - Brush off loose dirt. - Spot spray a cleaning solution of water and mild soap. - Use a soft bristle brush to clean. - Allow to air dry.
  • What to do if there is a tear or a hole inmy beanbag?
    Bring it to our store and we will help you fix it
  • What to do when the filling has reduced?
    The filling can reduces by intensive use but don't worry, we also sell the refill.
  • Is it for indoor or outdoor?
    We have different fabric materials for indoor and outdoor use ( and also for the swimming pool ! )
  • How long will my bean bags last?
    Our beanbags are durable and made to last for several years but it also depends on how you use them. Please handle them with care. ( We also sell the outer cover )
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